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Quality assurance

We can assist you in setting up and implementing various quality systems targetted at food and related industries. These systems range from simple HACCP like systems to complete Total Quality systems.

To see at which state your company is, we can perfrom a pre-audit. After such an audit you will receive a list of point that need improving. After that we can assist in setting up the quality system, by means of setting up the quality manual, implementing relevant controls, setting up the verification system and perform the verification analyses. 

After the system has been set up, certification is, of course, proof of the implementation. We help you during the certification process. 

The hardest part folows after certification. Your company needs to prove that the quality system is alive. We also assist you by means of

  • Performing audits (internal and external)
  • Verification
  • Validation
  • Quality meetings
  • Training of employees
  • Board meetings
  • Maintenance of the quality handbook
A complete package through which you keep your certification alive
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